Simple and fun, AIRVEIN relieves aching legs.

AIRVEIN is a medical device with CE certification, patented, which stimulates venous return, removes venous stasis and
naturally and effectively relieves tired and aching legs.

AIRVEIN was designed by angiologists to prevent and alleviate problems of poor blood circulation in legs due to physical
inactivity and prolonged immobility, which main effect are sore legs and aching legs syndrome.

Naturally activates blood circulation while stepping on it.

Airvein uses the human’s body natural abilities to activate blood circulation. The mechanism used by our organism is called
the muscle pump. Contracting calf and foot muscles and by so squeezing popliteal and tibial veins while walking forces the
blood in those veins to move upward towards the heart.

30 minutes of walking each day is enough for the blood to circulate freely throughout the body without stagnating at the

"Walking" on AIRVEIN while sitting to activate the vein circulation and relieve the aching legs sensation.

Put your feet on AIRVEIN and slightly tilt the feet forward without lifting heels of the surface of the cushion. Then press your
heels down. Repeat these movements several times. You’ll begin to feel your muscles work. This will eliminate the pain in
your legs quickly and efficiently.
Product details
Product details
Beneficial effects of AIRVEIN:

1. Reducing venous stasis : improving blood circulation in the legs;

2. Eliminating aching legs syndrome, painful sensations and leg fatigue: the legs are relieved and regain their usual   

3. Reducting edema of the feet and ankles : swollen ankles regain their normal appearance.

Advantages of AIRVEIN:

It contributes to the prevention of Chronic Venous Insufficiency and Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT).

Verified by clinical tests carried out under the auspices of Professor Arkadiusz Jawien, vascular surgeon, chairman of the department of general
surgery in the General Hospital in Bydgoszcz in Poland, director of the Chair of Surgery at the Medical Academy of Bydgoszcz, member of the
International Union of Angiology.
Product details

AIRVEIN simulates walking in a sitting position.

The whole foot rests on the cushion filled with air and an exercise is completed by moving the air between the compartments
of the cushion.

By pushing the feet on the cushion, the user makes an effort similar to walking upright. This movement activates the calf
muscle pump and blood flow.

The muscular effort during exercises with AIRVEIN is more important than the simple flexion of the foot.

The exercises relieve aching legs.

This movement is also called the Active Vascular Gymnastics.
(Ph. Blanchemaison, A. Guell, and space Angiology, Angiology, 2003, 55, 2, 64-67. 2 - Blanchemaison Ph.D., Vascular Gymnastics Active: principles and technique,
Angiology, 2003, 55, 4, 66 - 71. (

The recommended frequency of the exercise is 5 minutes per hour of immobility and limitless if necessary (in line with WHO
recommendations - WRIGHT).

The exercises are equally effective with shodden feet as with bare feet.

AIRVEIN is compact, transportable, self-contained, self-inflating. There are no restrictions to its use. It is authorized to be use
on an aircraft. It requires no power source.
AIRVEIN is a solution against the problem of aching legs, ideal for:

- People affected by chronic venous insufficiency : aching legs, varicose veins, ...

- Pregnant women: during pregnancy legs may become heavy and swollen and sometimes painful

- Aircraft passengers: during long journeys ankles may swell and legs go numb

- Postmenopausal women: the hormonal changes sometimes cause leg tiredness

- People working in standing or sitting positions and those whose work requires them to stay on their feet for prolonged
  (like shop floor assistants, hairdressers or stewardess): for use in the place of work/office or at home in the evening

- Diabetics

- People bedridden and those in rehabilitation after surgery for prevention of phlebitis

- Overweight people

- Seniors
Product details
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Product details
AIRVEIN leg comfort
AIRVEIN dvt exercicer
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"Walking" in sitting position                                                                     the blood circulates better                                                                the legs are lighter                                                        the pain disappears
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AIRVEIN prevents venous insufficiency
55 €
Shipping in Europe : included
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airvein soulage les jambes lourdes
airvein soulage les jambes lourdes
airvein soulage les jambes lourdes

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