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Leg comfort
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Heavy legs during pregnancy.

The sensation of heavy legs during pregnancy is mainly caused by poor circulation due to the greater volume of blood that
needs to flow to serve mother and child.

In fact, the blood just can’t return to the heart. The blood stagnates in the veins causing ankles to swell and legs pain. Other
symptoms of poor circulation are numbness, tingling and restlessness.

In addition, during pregnancy, the hormone levels rise dramatically, reaching up to 100 times the normal levels. Hormonal
changes may cause dilatation of veins. Finally, the increasing volume of the uterus as the baby grows, compresses the veins
of the abdomen and makes venous return even more difficult.

Even women who had no blood circulation problems are likely to suffer from heavy legs during pregnancy.

Indeed, for the blood to return to the heart our bodies need to walk. If we do not walk enough, the blood stagnates in the veins
at the ankles.

AIRVEIN offers a solution for preventing and relieving heavy legs during pregnancy.

The exercises performed with AIRVEIN imitate the work of muscles during walking and their effectiveness is more significant
than simple bending of the foot.

AIRVEIN reduces venous stasis by the activation of the muscle pump in a sitting position.

The beneficial effects of AIRVEIN include relieving heavy legs, reducing swelling, numbness, tingling and tension in the legs.

AIRVEIN is perfect during pregnancy.

AIRVEIN relieves heavy legs during pregnancy.

30 minutes of exercise every day are enough to relieve tired legs and prevent swelling of feet and ankles.

Foldable and self-inflating AIRVEIN fits easily into every handbag and can be easily stored at home.
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airvein relives tired legs
"Walking" in sitting position                                                                     the blood circulates better                                                                the legs are lighter                                                        the pain disappears
airvein heavy legs

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AIRVEIN prevents venous insufficiency
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airvein soulage les jambes lourdes
airvein soulage les jambes lourdes

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