Venous insufficiency

The pathophysiology of chronic venous insufficiency comprises of all physical and functional abnormalities of the venous
system caused by valval insufficiency combined with or without venous obstruction and affecting the superficial and/or deep

This venous disfunction may be congenital or acquired.

Varicose veins are the most common visible symptom of venous insufficiency.

Symptoms of venous insufficiency

Venous insufficiency is a disfunction affecting the venous system.

Venous stasis due to venous insufficiency leads to weakening of the veins. Capillary resistance decreases and causes
edema. This venous stasis increases membrane permeability. The invasion of large protein molecules leads to increased
venous pressure (hence water retention).

There are many varied symptoms. The most common are redness, pain, heaviness and cramps.

Sensation of heaviness most commonly occurs in the legs and calves especially in the legs and calves (fatigue, discomfort,
tension). It is recorded that 70% of patients with chronic venous insufficiency suffer from some sort of leg discomfort.

Doctors also diagnose:

- Phlebalgia (pain originating in a vein)
- Cramps (valval reflux),
- Impatience (an irresistible urge to move legs to stop uncomfortable or odd sensations)
- and edema (swelling sensation and tension).

Risk of venous insufficiency

These symptoms such as tired legs can cause the onset or worsening of the following risks:

- Varicosities,

- Varicose veins,

- Dermatitis,

- Varicose ulcers,

- Venous Thrombosis.

AIRVEIN helps prevent the occurrence of venous insufficiency.

The exercises performed with AIRVEIN imitate the work of muscles during walking and their effectiveness is more significant
than simple bending of the foot.

They improve the elasticity of veins and muscle tone.

AIRVEIN reduces venous stasis by activation of the muscle pump in a sitting position.

The beneficial effects of AIRVEIN include relieving heavy legs, reducing swelling, numbness, tingling and tension in the legs.
AIRVEIN leg comfort
Leg comfort
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AIRVEIN prevents venous insufficiency
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