AIRVEIN leg comfort
Leg comfort
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CLIMSOM knows that temperature is an essential part of comfortable sleep.
Sleep at the right temperature, anytime, in any season.
- In summertime, CLIMSOM eliminates excess heat and night sweats. You'll finally be in control of your nights again.
- CLIMSOM helps you say goodbye to icy beds and cold hands and feet in the winter.
- CLIMSOM can supplement or even replace bedroom air conditioning or heating.
- It's the only healthy and safe alternative to electric blankets.

CLIMSOM installation takes just a few minutes, and it's easy to use.

CLIMSOM improves your sleep

Tossing and turning all night and difficult mornings are things of the past.
Learn how your controlled personal comfort temperature promotes healthy sleep and easier waking.

CLIMSOM relieves pain

- Heavy legs: The cooler settings provide a triple physiological effect that provides quick, all-night relief from pain
  and stimulated blood circulation
- Restless Legs Syndrome: A cool temperature can help relieve 75 percent of RLS cases. Muscle aches and pains: Heat
  quickly and effectively relaxes sore backs and muscles.
- Lumbago/back pain: Use CLIMSOM’s pleasurable, efficient heating to relax and soothe the pain with thermo-therapy.

CLIMSOM improves your quality of life

- Savings: Cut your nighttime heating and air-conditioning costs by up to 90 percent.
- Mites: CLIMSOM is a natural and effective deterrent to dust mites and bedbugs
- Safety: Unlike electric blankets, CLIMSOM shields you from the contact of electricity. The revolutionary water system in the
  mattress topper brings it to the temperature you desire.
CLIMSOM 'Personal'
Price:  349 € incl. VAT
Shipping in Europe except Switzerland : free
Delivery within 48 hours (indicative delay)

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AIRVEIN prevents venous insufficiency
55 €
Shipping in Europe : included
Delivery in 4 - 8 days
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airvein soulage les jambes lourdes
airvein soulage les jambes lourdes

Active Venous

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Mattress with temperature
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