AIRVEIN leg comfort
Leg comfort
AIRVEIN dvt exercicer

AIRVEIN is an ideal travel accessory.

AIRVEIN is suited for all aircraft passengers who want to end their blood flow problem and the unpleasant sensation of heavy legs

5 minutes of exercises for each hour of flight are sufficient to relieve tired legs and prevent swelling of feet and ankles when getting off the plane.

Foldable and self-inflating AIRVEIN fits easily into any bag.
heavy legs in aircraft

Air Travel

During the flight, in a narrow space, in a sitting position without the ability to move the legs have a tendency to swell and hurt.
Indeed, these kinds of trips are very unpleasant to your legs and may have serious consequences. Confined sitting space,
trapped legs, dense atmosphere and heat, so many factors that make the air traveler more prone to develop phlebitis or
pulmonary embolism more easily.

Those conditions are particularly dangerous on long haul and also short flights. Charter tourists or economic class passengers
are more at risk because seats in those sectors are narrower and there is less leg room than in business class.

Heavy legs on an aircraft

The sensation of heavy legs during the flight is due to the non-activation of the calf and thigh muscle pump, which is the
natural mechanism of venous return. Indeed, for the blood to return back to the heart our bodies need to walk. If we do not
walk enough, the blood stagnates in the veins at the ankles.

Venous stasis during prolonged air travel is responsible for circulation disorders that most commonly results in heavy leg
syndrome. Other symptoms of poor circulation are numbness, tingling and restlessness.

AIRVEIN offers a response to the lack of walking during air travel.

The exercises performed with AIRVEIN imitate the work of muscles during walking and their effectiveness is more important
than simple bending of the foot.

AIRVEIN reduces venous stasis by the activation of the muscle pump in a sitting position.
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airvein relives tired legs
"Walking" in sitting position                                                                     the blood circulates better                                                                the legs are lighter                                                        the pain disappears
airvein heavy legs

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AIRVEIN prevents venous insufficiency
55 €
Shipping in Europe : included
Delivery in 4 - 8 days
airvein soulage les jambes lourdes
airvein soulage les jambes lourdes
airvein soulage les jambes lourdes

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